Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Koi pond liner repair kit as final solution

Leaking ponds and low water levels can have a negative effect on your pond's Eco-system and fish health. There are times when a liner will need to be replaced, for instance when it has a large tear, is peppered with holes or is old and brittle.

A drop in water level through evaporation will expose a pond liner to higher levels of UV radiation. It wills definitely weakening the pond liner and again heightening the risk of puncturing and the water level drop in pond. Though our top quality EPDM Liners and Pond Skin Liners are very durable and shred challenging, sometimes a puncture or cut may happen. Commonly you look for a hole in the liner if the pond's water level begins to drop quickly.

Once you find the hole, dry and clean the area then attach a Pond Skin Patch to the liner. Patch can be used to patch EPDM and pond skin liners dry and clean the area around the hole, then attach patch to the liner or simply apply koi pond liner repair on it as paint. Koi pond liner repair kit is designed for use on rubber pond liners and all types of liners.

Other pond liner repair pond liner doesn't have the same UV resistant qualities as pond liner therefore over time there is a risk of the pond liner becoming brittle and, as a result become more vulnerable to puncturing. For ponds that are home to fish, they will need to be taken away and put in a temporary holding tank or bath tub before draining your pond. Koi pond liner repair kit is Eco-friendly and safe for fish at all.

Pond liner repair kits are suitable for repairs to PVC pond liner. Add your sealant to the liner surface thoroughly, after you have cleaned and made it dry. Cut your liner to shape and then roll it over the surface and leave to dry in the air for maximum effect. Wait 48 hours for the adhesive to cure before refilling your pond and reintroducing your fish back into your pond. Use it for years now with total care free. Koi pond liner repair kit is last and final solution for repair.

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