Monday, 28 December 2015

Pond Liner Repair – Pondpro2000 is safe for fish and UV stable at the same time.

Certainly Pond liners are the most money-spinning way to line a fish pond or water feature. Mostly modern pond liners now come with a lifetime guarantee, what usually only covers the liner for UV damage or failure in the factory sealed seaming process. Fish pond liners have occasional possible problem to pierce or puncture before claimed time. Lot of reasons is here like growth of tree roots, sharp corner of any stone or temperature swings to make them puncture. There are a number of ways to repair pond liner and these include a pond liner repair patch, repair tape or sealant and a patch of pond liner.

If you find the hole then well done, now it's time to fix it 

There are a number of ways to repair pond liner and these include a pond liner repair patch, repair tape or sealant and a patch of pond liner. Utilize the pond liner repair glue tape. Guarantee the liner is spotless and dry and that any wrinkles are extended. Apply EPDM pond liner repair to the region being fixed with a grating cushion. Permit to dry quickly. Test the joint by putting your finger to the connected and pushing forward marginally with your finger. The groundwork ought not to string as your finger climbs and away. Pull up the paper backing and apply the tape being mindful so as to give a smooth spread. Move to give weight to all territories of the pond liner repair glue. Apply, liquid pond liner repair Sealant to the tape edges for the last step and permit to dry for a few hours before contact with water.

Why to choose fish safe pond liner? 

The main difference between common liner and Fish-Safe pond liner is the formulation of ingredients. The use of one ingredient over another is determined by current market price of the ingredients. The pond liner needs to promote bacterial growth as a benefit to the pond. The use of fish safe liner in a pond that will house fish is a crap shoot that could get expensive, in more ways than one, if all your koi and goldfish get sick or even die. Tearing the pond apart and replacing with a fish-safe liner is going to cost much more than doing it right the first time.

Healthy and cost effective solution 

Healthy way is to repair the pond or pond liner with Eco-friendly Pond Liner Repair of pond pro 2000. It is nontoxic its UV resistance and temperature resistant .On the other hand it is safe and secure for the water life. Means completely harmless for plants and fish even for the most sensitive koi cannot be affected negatively. It refreshes and saves your pond and life in it. At the same time it is safe from outside and inside. You chose its liner or patch it will give you the complete benefit of saving your pond.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

What’s important for pond liner repair? Finding the leak and getting it repaired

The only problem is, the liners of a backyard pond can sometimes leak and will need repairs. Pond liners are undoubtedly the most cost effective way to line a fish pond or water feature. Although most modern pond liners now come with a lifetime guarantee it usually only covers the liner for UV damage or failure in the factory sealed seaming process. An irregular setback of pond liners that, they do not cover under the guarantee. It is possible to pierce or puncture them before time. But pond pro used to exceed its warranty time.

Finding a hole in a liner is not an easy task 

Once the plastic liner is cracked it will continue to crack and eventually need to be replaced. Sometimes you can have a leak in a liner, which continues to leak after plugging the lines, so you know it's in the liner but where? Finding a hole in a liner can be a little like looking for a needle in a sea. It is more difficult rather than repairing it. Because, it can waste your hard work if you could not get the right place.

The initial step for fixing the liner leak

The first step is cutting the liner patch fixing material so it's no less than five times the breadth of the tear, gap or puncturing. Cut your patch material in a roundabout or oval shape so it has adjusted edges that are less inclined to strip. Once the patch is cut, apply a liberal measure of pond pro Pond Liner Repair the back of the material, it's ideal to blunder in favor of a lot of glue than too little. Pond liner repair kits one coat application is enough to join strictly.

Permit the patch to set by giving it proper time

Fold the patch into equal parts so the glue sides are touching each other. Unravel the patch and focus it over the cut, smoothing it set up. Counsel your repair unit's directions for to what extent to permit the patch to set. Let it be dried.

Getting it repaired in an easy way

Repairing the hole is as important as its finding and tries to make each sharper thing away from liner to be safe from leakage in future. Now you have a problem free pond with perfect liner. These two parts of repairing can be very easy or very hard with your selection of process. Make it easy with Pond Liner repair and get free from ponds tension.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Replacement or Repair – What to do for fixing pond leaks problems

Having a pond is fun way to add value to your property and give it a unique look. It can be extremely frustrating to deal with some of the issues that go along with it. Pond repair can be labor intensive, costly and frustrating. The cheapest way to create a pond is lining a pond, so do not intend to remove pond from your home just due to labor of maintenance. After pond liner leaks, mostly people start thinking to replace it. 

Replacement is not a pleasant

It means new expenses and labor which is not very pleasant for everyone. In the case if you make yourself agree to spend and hard work of applying the pond liner again. There is no any surety that newly installed pond liner would not get the same problem. Solution is to get rid of the reason of leaks rather than liner.  

Three ways will be recommended

Maintenance is a necessary that comes with owning any kind of water bearing enclosure, be it a pond, reflecting pool or fountain. There are many factors that can contribute to the breakdown of a pond and pond liners surface. As homeowner with a liner repair to do here's three ways will be recommend you do it using products you can buy from most pond shops. Pond liner repair kits, pond liner repair patch, pond liner repair glue, these are the most reliable and tested options to save your pond and its liner. Advantage is the fact that Pond Pro Pond liner repair goes on in one application, which helps to keep the cost of Pond repair from being prohibitive.

Pond liner repair is a better option 

Pond liner repair kits or pond liner repair is a better option; it joins the leak as it was not part of liner. It works on different material but result is definitely positive. Repairing the pond liner is better than exchange in a way that it’s savvy and with the use of pond liner kit, it will be as long lasting as new. Actually, you are going to get the new pond liner in the cost of repair. Decide about safety of your pond if your pond liner needs to be replaced or repaired.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Repair Pond Liner punctured by Tree Root

Having a garden pond can create a relaxed and tranquil space in an otherwise hectic world. Every lawn garden pond and water highlight is lined with a pond liner along the internal part. Roots getting to be under the soil underneath your pond may over the long haul work their way up and cut your pond liner, realizing breaks and issues for pond life, for instance, and fish and focused plants. Check along the outside part along the edge of the pond to find tree roots that may be undermining the side of your pond. 

 Steps to repair pond liner
  • Purposely cut the pond liner to open the crevice so you can peel it back and reveal the pond underlayment pad and the tree root.
  • Trim back the root with the saw comparably as you can without further tearing the liner or underlayment pad.
  • If critical, make additional clean cuts in the pond liner and padding to engage you to remove the root from under the pond.
  • Apply a patch produced using an extra bit of pond liner or a pre-cut patch from a pond store contingent upon the extent of the opening.
  • Pour the substance of the tub with the first pond water once more into your pond. Check along the outside part along the edge of the pond to find tree roots that may be debilitating the side of your pond. Repairing the Hold in the Pond Liner If you discover the gap then well done; now it's an ideal opportunity to alter it.

Various approaches to repair pond liner  

There are various approaches to repair pond liner and these incorporate a pond liner repair patch, repair tape or sealant and a patch of pond liner.
  1. Repairing the Liner with a Repair Patch
  2. Pond Liner Joining/Repair Tape
  3. Pond Repair Sealant
A pond liner repair patch is fundamentally a huge patch which has one sticky side. It sticks with the effected part and treats the effected part. Liner joining tape and Pond Liner Joining/Repair Tape ,The tape is additionally awesome for setting over an opening in your pond liner similarly to the pond liner repair fix yet you're ready to buy it in littler sums making it more financial. Sealant is good option if it is from a reputed company and work as claimed.

Sealant and a Patch a DIY adaptation of altering your pond liner is to utilize a patch of pond liner and some pond sealant. Repairing the Hold in the Pond Liner If you discover the opening then well done; now it's a great opportunity to settle it.

What should be done?

You'll should do nothing more than buy the pond liner repair and a patch of pond liner. If you wish to watch fish swim languidly between plants can offer one some assistance with shedding the burdens and strains of regular life. The main issue is, the liners of a terrace pond can once in a while spill and will need repair with pond liner repair.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to build and maintain a proper Koi Pond

A koi pond is a purpose built habitat "Living Jewels" and as such, differs from any other garden water feature. Instead of doing what so many do, that is dig a hole, throw in a liner, add water and a few fish, and calls it a koi pond. You can't put more than about 20 full sizes Koi in a 2,000 gallon pond, and to do that requires a lot of filtration and aeration.

Koi pond’s requirements

Means you can't stand up in it without taking out a lot of the water, but it will make it a little more difficult to clean out your pond. Locate the pond out of direct sunlight all day long. If you have the money a gas pond heater for cold climates is recommended. Very few ponds have a protein skimmer, but they are very useful to reduce the organics causing the foam under your waterfall, etc.  Proper filtration system is must for survival of koi. The returns through the sides of the pond from the filtration system will produce a bit of a current and keep particulate suspended and headed for the bottom drains or skimmer.

Koi pond with a liner

It is easy to manage but liner must be eco-friendly, because koi are extra sensitive. The only difference between a liner pond and any other is what's used to contain the water. All other technical aspects are the same.

Maintenance of koi ponds with their types

It is very important to save you pond from leaking. Large leaks in ponds are very easy to identify but most pond leaks are small and can be quite deceiving at first. A small leak in a pond can be a very hard and expensive problem to solve if you do not know how best to tackle it.

Different types of pond

1) Concrete or rendered brick
these types of pond are usually sealed with some kind of resin or pond paint. You first need to check for cracks as this is the most likely reason your pond has leaked. To fix this you will need to cement the crack and re-seal or use a product called pond liner repair just fix it. If it seems to peel away or is non-existent you will need to re paint it as it has become porous or patchy.

2) Fiberglass /GRP            
A pre-formed GRP pond is the toughest of all the pond linings but can still suffer from water loss. Before you do this you may want to try covering the area with just fix it Pond liner repair kits or use a liner repair patch, they are not full proof but I have had some good results employing these methods.

3) Molded plastic
Molded plastic ponds can be fixed with pond liner repair patches. They suffer with the same problems a GRP ponds does but are far less common.

These are the most common types of lining. Pond liner repair is useful for all type of pond with surety of koi survival.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Repair a Fish Pond without Draining the Water Out

Start with the first test to try and locate a pond leak. If the waterfall is the only means of oxygen to the pond, you will want to put a temporary pump in the pond to provide oxygen for the fish and plants. So now with the waterfall off, you can let the pond go for a few days and see how much water the pond loses per day versus with the waterfall running. Some pond contractors will use two pond liner repair patch liners in a pond build and this can lead to water loss at the seam location.

Pond liner repair a perfect solution 

With a pond liner repair pond some of the more common areas that a pond will leak are around the bolts that connect the rubber liner to the skimmer, plants pushing over the liner causing water loss, a tree root puncturing through the liner or possibly the liner is just really old and it is just cracking causing leaks.

The pond leak is found

Once the pond leak is found, it is just a matter of prepping the area and patching the hole similar to the epdm pond liner repair you would patch a hole in a bicycle tire. The products needed pond liner repair kits; to make this repair can be found at your local pond supply store.

If you have a concrete pond

If you have a concrete pond the most common reason for water loss is due to cracks in the concrete. In some cases new concrete must be poured or a liquid pond liner repair can be installed over the existing concrete pond.

For under water repair you have to follow these:
  • Scratch the area around the hole with medium-grit sandpaper. The scratches create tiny grooves for the epoxy to fill, helping the patch to bond securely to the pond liner.

  • Cut a piece of pond liner repair patch to about 2 inches larger on all sides than the size of the hole in the liner.

  • Scratch the patch and clean the surface again.

  • Cut a piece of wax paper included with the Pond Liner Repair Kit at least 2 inches larger in diameter than the liner patch.

  • Spread the Pond Liner Repair on the liner patch in an even layer about 1/16-inch thick. Push the patch onto the hole immediately after applying the Pond Liner Repair, using the wax paper as a barrier between your hands and the patch. 

Peel back the wax paper when the Pond Liner Repair cures to complete the patch job. Use of fish pond liner will make your fish safe and pond will be secured from leaking. With all this you can easily patch the liner under the water without draining the water out and repair will be reliable and long lasting too.