Thursday, 31 March 2016

Take the stress out of your life – DIY version of fixing your pond.

Pond is a part of heaven but its leaks are not acceptable for any one. In hectic world of pond leaks every pond owner want to come out. To make this process faster many people use different remedies. Some become successful to get rid of it temporarily. Some hire professional to find solution. Many of them spend a lot on repairing and become disappoint. In last they decide to remove pond from their back yard and sit calmly to watch others pond with heavy heart.

Situation becomes more critical when your ponds problems effect on fish and plants. Now you have to think in three dimensions

·         Pond leak repair
·         Fish survival
·         Plants life  

If you got a solution in the shape of liner, it starts leaking after some time. Then you will have to prepare for two types of expenses, one for liner repair and second for water life protection. It is again a risk may be it could cure pond liner but not sure about fish life. You need actually fish pond liner repair by pond pro 2000. It is DIY product to repair your liner just in one coat. Simplest to apply and fastest to cure this product does not burden your pocket at all. You are getting all benefits in one product.

There are many reasons top select it from a long line of liners.

·         Flexibility and strength of fish pond liner repair is considerable for sturdiness of pond liners
·         Pond pro 2000 top class substance share a chemical structure that provides extraordinary resistance to all outer elements like heat, water and UV rays
·         It saves the ponds from leakage and damage and prevents them in future
·         Particularly made and tested to be safe for plants, fish and completely secures aquatic life

These all qualities are enough to prove that nothing is better to cure your fish pond liner more than it. DIY version means to save your expanses and a new adventure of easy application. You can do it on your holiday. One reason of stress can be removed easily with the help of fish pond liner repair.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Don’t delay once the leak occurs – Repair koi pond ASAP.

Leaky pond is commonly a problem which frustrates a lot. If you have koi pond then your frustration level reaches at highest place as koi is very expensive. First you spend a lot to buy them and make circumstances favorable for them. Again at pond leak a big expense is waiting with the risk of koi life.

Always remember

·         One very necessary thing is to be part of your memory that any toxic product can make you deprive from Koi.
·         Take immediate action.  Koi cannot survive in any critical condition so make the plan to repair as soon as possible. Select the product which does not take too much time.
·         It must not effect on your pocket too much. It must have long lasting results, so you could not have the risk again to loose koi. 

Find a Pond Leak! Repair it with some Eco-friendly sealant like Pond pro 2000 and safe your pond for years. But in case you have got some other pond liner and it start leaking then again all the caution is same. You can use koi pond liner repair easily without being afraid that your fish can be hurt.

From the irritating situation, take yourself out as soon as possible so you could save your pond and koi. On existing pond liner you can coat koi pond liner repair by pond pro 2000. With the surety it works that it will not harm koi. It will not leak again before completing the warranty time.
There are lot of qualities in it like water resistance, UV resistance and extreme temperature resistance. After applying, it instantly starts working. Same level of satisfaction and relief you can get by using koi pond liner repair.

Don't even think about any other product if you want your koi living more.

·         No substitute if you want durability
·         Only one to prove the warranty after the claimed time
·         Ideal for those who want to do the repair by their selves.

For these reason you cannot choose any other koi pond liner repair. Other sealants need more time, labor and cost. Koi pond liner repair by pond pro 2000 save all these.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

How to apply Pond Liner – Steps to Fix Leaks ASAP

Pond effects positively on your mood and increase the charm of your backyard look. It also increases the worth of your property and makes you feel in heaven pleasantly. Pond lovers are found all over the world.

An easy-to-install water feature brings tranquility to a garden according to home magazine writers. It’s lovely to have a backyard pond. Pond can make a casual and peaceful space in a generally violent world. Watching fish swim slowly between plants can help one shed the burdens and strains of regular life. The main issue is, the leak of liners of a patio lake can here and there break and will require repairs.

A wide number of pond liner repair are available in market but obviously you would prefer easiest to apply and light on your pocket. Surety of long lasting results is also required. Pond liner repair by EPDM work best for holes in pond liner.

With these easy steps repair your pond liner ASAP.

·         Take the leaky pond liner and a patch
·         Wash the area few inches around the hole to remove anything like debris or algae.
·         The clean area assures strong bond with the patch.
·         Scratch the area around the hole with sandpaper.
·         The scratches will make little channel for the epoxy to fill and support the patch to bond firmly
·         Apply just one coat on the leaky liner and on the patch too
·         Join them tightly and let the product be dried

It is done and you will be amazingly relaxed for long time of years. It does not look like a tiring task and easy to manage. You can do it by yourself easily. It is the easiest way to join the seams of pond liner and reliable too. Keeping a garden pond is not difficult as to keep it maintained and without leak. For leaking pond no solution is proved better than pond liner and for pond line repair nothing is better than EPDM pond liner repair. It repairs the liner ASAP.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Facts you might know about Pond liner Repair

Leaking pond is an issue which has made people impatient. They want to get advantage of beauty of nature but it cost them too much when they have to pay again and again for repair. Research has proved that leaking reasons can be different but the stress after getting leakage is same. An average pond needs maintenance twice in a year at least. But it’s better to watch it weekly and maintain it on every season changing. Research indicates that the average pond, even with a high flow waterfall, may have an evaporate loss. The easiest and approachable for every one method is use of liner. What to do when it start leaking?

Reasons to get leak and ways to repair the pond liner 

Rocks, sharp end of stones and other debris can cause tears and holes in flexible pond liners, leading to leaks that can damage the surrounding garden space, not to mention harm your fish and aquatic plants. A pond liner is one which suits your entire requirement. It repairs and let the plants and fish live without harm. The repair only takes a matter of minutes to complete. Its consequences remain after a long time. Better to choose harmless after research.

The Pond liner repair and its use

Take Eco-friendly pond liner repair by EPDM. Rub the area around the puncture with medium-grit sandpaper such as 120-grit sandpaper. It will create tiny grooves for the epoxy to fill, helping the patch to bond securely to the pond liner. Apply EPDM Pond Liner Repair on the scratched part of patch and on leaky pond liner. Now tighten it strictly. After being dry, Pond is usable and sure to strong enough to resist water for years. It does not take too much time and easy to apply.

Why EPDM pond liner repair should be chosen?

There have been several products over the years that have been used to repair pond liner leaks; however, they have been temporary fixes at best. As the earth below changes due to water getting underneath it will force the temporary fixes move and ultimately bringing back your leak.

The PondPro2000 now becomes one of the most reliable pond liner repairs. No other pond liner repair product in the world has that distinct characteristic. This is why PondPro2000 is backed by a 5 year unconditional product warranty.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Repair Pond Liners - Fix the pond in some easy and Do it yourself steps

There are ways to seal the leaky pond which is reason to make you frustrated. Preventing the problem is a lot less expensive, and easier than curing it. The surest but most expensive and time consuming method is to drain and repair the pond. Pond liner is an easy way to repair. If you got a good product, your Koi pond can live healthy for years. 

Dangerous thing is that Pond Leaks can be the reason of complete reconstruction or remaking. Less costly but still required, Pond repair is a perfect solution what can last long.

According to the Experts, it is not so difficult to repair the pond. You can repair your pond by doing it yourself if you think you are DIY kind of person. You just need to do the following:

·         Drain the water out (it is easy but laborious)
·         Locate the leak (it can be difficult)
·         Apply the Koi pond liner (it can be interesting and easy if you are using EPDM koi pond liner repair)

If you are certain that there is a leak in your pond liner than you can again use it as a Koi pond liner repair. There is not a substitute of it. It works for both without any distinction.   

Here are few easy steps to repair the pond liner

Step 1: Drain the pond in moderate weather
Step 2: Find where the leak is and clean the liner, dry the area completely
Step 3: Take a piece of 6-inch-wide pond liner patch to repair the effected part.
Step 4: Cautiously apply the pond liner repair on the patch and on the liner and then stick it tightly.

EPDM pond liner repair can repair it, as there was not a hole or leakage left and it’s extremely water resistant. It has got warranty which makes you free from leakage for years. The people who are fed up with the leakage in their ponds and for several years they have been investing in the repair, Koi Pond liner repair is good news for them. Its Eco-friendly so fish and plants are also saved. You can trust on koi pond liner to protect your pond and pond liner.