Thursday, 10 March 2016

Facts you might know about Pond liner Repair

Leaking pond is an issue which has made people impatient. They want to get advantage of beauty of nature but it cost them too much when they have to pay again and again for repair. Research has proved that leaking reasons can be different but the stress after getting leakage is same. An average pond needs maintenance twice in a year at least. But it’s better to watch it weekly and maintain it on every season changing. Research indicates that the average pond, even with a high flow waterfall, may have an evaporate loss. The easiest and approachable for every one method is use of liner. What to do when it start leaking?

Reasons to get leak and ways to repair the pond liner 

Rocks, sharp end of stones and other debris can cause tears and holes in flexible pond liners, leading to leaks that can damage the surrounding garden space, not to mention harm your fish and aquatic plants. A pond liner is one which suits your entire requirement. It repairs and let the plants and fish live without harm. The repair only takes a matter of minutes to complete. Its consequences remain after a long time. Better to choose harmless after research.

The Pond liner repair and its use

Take Eco-friendly pond liner repair by EPDM. Rub the area around the puncture with medium-grit sandpaper such as 120-grit sandpaper. It will create tiny grooves for the epoxy to fill, helping the patch to bond securely to the pond liner. Apply EPDM Pond Liner Repair on the scratched part of patch and on leaky pond liner. Now tighten it strictly. After being dry, Pond is usable and sure to strong enough to resist water for years. It does not take too much time and easy to apply.

Why EPDM pond liner repair should be chosen?

There have been several products over the years that have been used to repair pond liner leaks; however, they have been temporary fixes at best. As the earth below changes due to water getting underneath it will force the temporary fixes move and ultimately bringing back your leak.

The PondPro2000 now becomes one of the most reliable pond liner repairs. No other pond liner repair product in the world has that distinct characteristic. This is why PondPro2000 is backed by a 5 year unconditional product warranty.

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