Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Repair a Fish Pond without Draining the Water Out

Start with the first test to try and locate a pond leak. If the waterfall is the only means of oxygen to the pond, you will want to put a temporary pump in the pond to provide oxygen for the fish and plants. So now with the waterfall off, you can let the pond go for a few days and see how much water the pond loses per day versus with the waterfall running. Some pond contractors will use two pond liner repair patch liners in a pond build and this can lead to water loss at the seam location.

Pond liner repair a perfect solution 

With a pond liner repair pond some of the more common areas that a pond will leak are around the bolts that connect the rubber liner to the skimmer, plants pushing over the liner causing water loss, a tree root puncturing through the liner or possibly the liner is just really old and it is just cracking causing leaks.

The pond leak is found

Once the pond leak is found, it is just a matter of prepping the area and patching the hole similar to the epdm pond liner repair you would patch a hole in a bicycle tire. The products needed pond liner repair kits; to make this repair can be found at your local pond supply store.

If you have a concrete pond

If you have a concrete pond the most common reason for water loss is due to cracks in the concrete. In some cases new concrete must be poured or a liquid pond liner repair can be installed over the existing concrete pond.

For under water repair you have to follow these:
  • Scratch the area around the hole with medium-grit sandpaper. The scratches create tiny grooves for the epoxy to fill, helping the patch to bond securely to the pond liner.

  • Cut a piece of pond liner repair patch to about 2 inches larger on all sides than the size of the hole in the liner.

  • Scratch the patch and clean the surface again.

  • Cut a piece of wax paper included with the Pond Liner Repair Kit at least 2 inches larger in diameter than the liner patch.

  • Spread the Pond Liner Repair on the liner patch in an even layer about 1/16-inch thick. Push the patch onto the hole immediately after applying the Pond Liner Repair, using the wax paper as a barrier between your hands and the patch. 

Peel back the wax paper when the Pond Liner Repair cures to complete the patch job. Use of fish pond liner will make your fish safe and pond will be secured from leaking. With all this you can easily patch the liner under the water without draining the water out and repair will be reliable and long lasting too.   


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